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( Aug. 14th, 2014 09:05 pm)
* in our last thrilliing instalment, I was ill(er than usual). I continued to be ill in July! but I did manage to have a few nice days out in the sun. a picnic, a pud lunch, and a visit to Tillgate park to see the birds and other animals. there was a very chatty lorie who suprised me by creaking out "hellllo" from behind a clumo of bamboo, and a bull who constantly licked his two cows in an affectionate but sticky way. the harvest mice were as tiny as I remembered them and were making a new nest. I fed a nice goat and patted her head.

* a new medicine was prescribed to me that theorectically could make a big difference. it's a a mega-probiotic of the sort given to factory farm animals that might repopulate my small intestine.

* ...except that no one thought of the consequences of downing a metric tonne of bacteria while having the immune system of a tiny hysterical baby.

* so I spent most of July lying in bed naked covered in huge blisters and a rash and sores all over my gums and lips and with a fever. I ate a lot of ice.

* I also played a lot of Tomodachi Life! I didn't order it becuase of the whole "no homodachi" business but Nasus got a copy and lent it to me. it provided about the right level of entertainment to a person strung out on strong anithistamines. Rax in the game wears a hamster suit and is married to Aurora Walrus. the island currently has me, Nasus, Owl, all four Walruses (Mitik, Pakak, Kula, and Aurora), Mario Luigi and Peach, and Blathers and Celeste the owls from animal crossing. I'm trying to make Nook but he's a bit tricky to humanise.

* if anyone wants a free Tomodachi Life trial code we have three! I assume the version you would get would be the uk one? I don't know how it works.

* it seems like all I do on this journal is talk about how ill I've been but to be fair I don't really have much else going on in my life.
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( Jun. 10th, 2014 09:09 pm)
* the defining event of May was my dear villager Olivia in animal crossing moving away. at first I was shocked but not unduly upset because I could just do a visit with Nasus, and she'd transfer over and could come back another time. however she did not turn up. some random other cat did. I was ridiculously upset because I've had Olivia since 2007, she was my first villager to move in to my town, and I thought she was lost. I was really down about it for two weeks or so. when the cat left a lion replaced her. after that I was sure she was gone. but! just a few days ago, the lion left and Olivia finally showed up! goodness knows what went wrong but now she's back I feel much better.

* I read on the internet that you shouldn't feed bread to ducks, you should feed them frozen peas instead (defrosted). but when I tried to feed the ducks peas they just looked down at them in confusion and then back at me. "where is our bread? what are these unappetising green things?" some of them tried the peas but dropped them immediately. the only person who ate them was a coot, maybe because it was hungry enough to try foods which are less delicious than bread. so the moral of the story is: we don't always want what's good for us.

* I'm stuck at a boss battle in m&l dream team. it's big massif in the dream world and I'm having trouble reading his patterns. I have to hoo up! I also chose a bunch of pokemon names so I can continue with Y.

* I wish I had an aserty keyboard with accents on. but also this one. a huge double keyboard. like an organ.
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( May. 3rd, 2014 08:52 pm)
so apparently I'm doing these in two month bundles? okay.

* MARIO AND LUIGI DREAM TEAM IS ACES. such a fun game, luigi at maximum cuteness level, very hoo. the yoshis all talk about food constantly, one of them wants to eat the badges in the badge shop, yoshi stop. boss brickle is creepy. there are hoos everywhere who talk in a very hoo manner. peachy has adoring fans and has recovered from her kidnapping (though she might well get kidnapped again you know how it is). the combat is fun and the bposs battles are nicely challenging, there are many collectables in the form of delicious BEANS, did I mention LUIGI yet. LUIGI! he makes the sweetest faces on the lower screen and his snoring is adorable. mario is his bbbff. all is right in the world.

* only one person signed up for my art exchange. which sucks because I was super excited for it. I sent a lot of asks on tumblr to people with fancharacters asking if they'd join or at least promote it but I only got two replies. did they get the asks and ignore them? was it rude? or did they just get eaten by tumblr. I wish I knew.

* Oto got me lots of pokemon cards and when I feel better I'm going to open some packs.

* I'm playing Extrasolar which is good at giving me a reason to get up in the mornings. haha that sounds grimmer than I meant it to. but. accurate.

* my life is not very exciting but my dreams are nice
I've been seeing in the new year by sleeping near-constantly and feeling like death while awake so I've been putting of making any resolutions. Then I decided that I hate resolutions because they're so vague, "I will get fit", like HOW fit? If I make open ended resolutions like that I'm just going to beat myself up for not doing well enough. So instead I'm going to make some concrete goals that I want to get done before 2014.

* finish at least 5 pictures off picture list
* do at least five character refs
* reach next city in every pokemon game currently on the go
* get strong enough to do 10 proper push ups in a row without dying
* organise Buck's flowerbed
* do some maths every day, even if it's just going over stuff in my head
* figure out wtf is wrong with my laptop
* figure out wtf is wrong with minecraft forge
* don't cry over computers
* get started on transitioning stuff (weeps)
* make new icons for all tumblrs and dw
* draw at least five ask salamanders answers
* try to stay on top of freerice but don't get sick over it
* stop reading comics I don't enjoy
* set up paypal account
* organise sprawling pics folders into sleek new system
* do stupid breathing exercises every day ugh
* don't die

Welp that's a lot more than I expected OH WELL I GUESS WE'LL SEE
A few browser-based games, some stories, comics, a rover and a let's play!

Lines of Black and White
And escape-the-room game with a tweeeest. The gameplay is a little too easy but it's a cute concept that could be really fun in a larger game.

Like Populous, but free! You try to lead tiny, stupid people to conquer and build by manipulating the environment and raining fire upon your enemies. I suck at it.

Gunnerkrigg Court
I hope you're already reading this! A comic about a girl who goes to live at a magical boarding school. Really slow burner but consistently good. The art improves!

A comic about a girl who goes to live in an oppressive regime. Less dreamy and more grounded than Rice Boy, which may or may not please your surrealism salivary glands.

Cucumber Quest!
A delicious comic about a boy called Cucumber who goes on a quest. Very Nintendo-esque, very tasty-looking art.

A MMO game with a cute look and a bizarre sense of humour (you nibble pigs to acquire meat, they like this). Lots of repetitive tasks to do to earn badges and dull sorrows.

Curiosity's twitter
He's still up there, beetling about and drilling rocks. I hear that one of the rocks has a twitter now too, but I think that might be going a bit to far or me.

Infinity Plus Fiction Archive
Sci-Fi stories and excerpts, ranging fro good to terrible as usual.

Let's Play Deadly Premonition
This game won an award for "Best Worst Game" or possibly "Worst Best Game". It is An Experience. There's a more ~official~ SA Let's Play but this one is done by a lady (plus point in my book) and balances humour nicely with shutting up, something not many LPers can do.
1. I went to the dentist! I haven't been for like, five years so I was kind of nervous that they'd take on look at my teeth and back away screaming but actually they just told me to floss more. Had an awkward moment when they handed me my medical history to update and wanted to know all about my issuesTM but I just put down "and other stuff" which I think covers it.

2. Guess what, I have a super power and will shortly be joining the X-men. I was lying on a rug in the garden, with my ear to the rug, and then I began to hear a strange sort of squealing/creaking sound. I moved my head to another position and it stopped. So I moved it back and it started again. I was pretty intrigued so I got up and moved the rug and found my head had been ants nest! I CAN HEAR ANTS SHOUTING AT ME. None of them seemed hurt just cross with me. SORRY ANTS.

3. So much rain D: Roads are flooding and everything, this is not proper June weather. Dry winters and wet summers seems to be the new status quo though :/

4. Going to France in like two weeks, wheeeee!

5. Reading though the logs of this awesome RP I used to belong to when I played a marsupial snake alien lady and investigated mysterious situations. We ended after only a few sessions because Nazir, who ran it, got too ill, and I've missed it (and him) ever since. I hope you're still around somewhere out there buddy.
In this comic (very jokey suicide warning I guess?) Reginald is basically me. Every so often when I'm just hanging about I'll make a sort of moaning noise, and that means I am remembering my past.

I have been trying to be a better person lately, and do more stuff for the world! I can't volunteer or anything so I've basically just been signing petitions on and playing Free Rice. Still at least it's something right?

In EXCELLENT news, we finally got a Wii! So I'm going to be KARTING THE NIGHT AWAY with my old buddies from the mushroom kingdom!
What is up, good people of the internet. Nothing here that is for sure, I have been playing video games and reading Homestuck. If Dad doesn't manage to return safe and sound by the end I'm probably going to cry for real. He's my favourite character, which is about half due to his loving personality and half due to his pipe smoking.

Also: I made a thing for the Sims 2, it's a bunch of pretty lacy underwear for the AM body. The textures are from Bruno@MTS, edited to make them fit better.


Fire Cat
this medicine is making me feel like a dizzy zombie with kidney pains. which is okay i guess i like zombies a lot. they get a bad rap but i mean if you support euthanasia then you gotta support zombies too i think. think i might paint something tomorrow. i don't know, i'm nervous and disconnected. weird how i can spell disconnected right but not tomorrow. god ol' spell check, he's a good guy.

note to self: there's a missile in the tunnel near the save room and some sort of weak post in the research base. also drink more fluids.

okay i am going to bed before i am sick in the keyboard goodnight internet.

kiss kiss
A set of children's wall drawings, kindly put together for me by [personal profile] kunoichikatie

You can see all the recolours under the cut )
Blah. I guess I'm starting to finally learn that this illness, condition, whatever, is something I can't just power through with sheer force of will. It's not a lesson I want to learn. But after trying to stick out the TC game and ending up spending the night on the bathroom floor and frightening everyone with internal bleeding worse than I've had for a year or so now, I think I'm going to have to start accepting that there are things I can't do. I think maybe I should quit the game, I feel horrible for holding everyone up. I should have known this was going to happen, I KNEW I was ill, I misjudged my own strength. Goddamnit.

Spent...yesterday? I guess? Asleep, then woke up and watched healing Star Trek. Acting so bad, plots so silly, Kirk and Spock so married.

Why do I always get ugly Blanca faces, isn't nintendo interested in quality control >|
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( Apr. 28th, 2007 11:35 pm)
I didn't log the hideous mess of a quest this morning, but I felt it needed to be recorded for posterity. SO HERE IS AN ABBREVIATED VERSION. It's horribly offensive to all parties, be warned. WE ARE NOT OUR CHARACTERS please no-one send me dead skunks kay.

Don't call us, we'll call you... )
How the hell do you keep your best friend who you see every day from finding out you are having hot sex with her fiance on a semi-regular basis?!?!? )
In other news, there are two resons I am buying Pokemon Diamond: 1)Tradition and 2)Sheimi
I just can't get that excited about it otherwise. I think it's Hikari.
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( Mar. 30th, 2007 10:38 pm)
drawing personality

What does your drawing say about YOU?

So I make radical moves, while remaining cautious. Neat. And also I have some kind of ambition problem. God, these things are so ridiculous. I did I handwriting thing once that gave me five COMPLETELY opposing statement. I pointed this out the the woman running it and she said it showed I had many conflicting personalities XD PERHAPS IM OTHERKIN GUYZ.

God the slylandro probes are beating me so hard. Oto is doing better than me. OTO. This is not at all awesome.
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( Feb. 19th, 2007 10:27 pm)
I just got into my sixth form of choice after the most TERRIFYING INTERVIEW EVA.

Nice Lady: So, why do you want to join our sixth form?
Nice Lady: Okay then.

I've been on my new shiny medicine for almost a week now. I'm not sure about it. In some ways it's better, in some ways worse. VAGUE. It makes my head really fuzzy and blurred though which is not great.

I have a knee deep pile of art which I need to finish and upload. OR PERHAPS I'll just go play mystery dungeon and goof off. God I can't wait till I can get an Arcanine oh boy oh boy. I already have Voltorb and Scyther so that just leaves Koffing, Gyarados and Haunter . LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS NOW THE GANG IS BACK IN TOWN.


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