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Rax ([personal profile] pyrrhocorax) wrote2011-10-21 08:12 pm

Who's number one now? LUIGI

In this comic (very jokey suicide warning I guess?) Reginald is basically me. Every so often when I'm just hanging about I'll make a sort of moaning noise, and that means I am remembering my past.

I have been trying to be a better person lately, and do more stuff for the world! I can't volunteer or anything so I've basically just been signing petitions on and playing Free Rice. Still at least it's something right?

In EXCELLENT news, we finally got a Wii! So I'm going to be KARTING THE NIGHT AWAY with my old buddies from the mushroom kingdom!

Squeegy me! Luigi's number one!

[personal profile] otomas 2011-10-22 08:35 pm (UTC)(link)
So, guys, apparently using a Wii Wheel is only fractionally easier than using a bare remote. I am now doing OK on 50 ccs, but only by using a Gamecube controller. I do not wish to discuss my performance vis-a-vis the Olympic games.

Also, Luigi is more adorable than ever.