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( Dec. 2nd, 2006 11:13 pm)
Raina and Mickie came and hung out with me in da hood today. THIS IS AN ACCURATE RECORDING OF EVENTS.

We ate pineapple :DDDD And played with a Thomas the Tank train set thing which picks up little balls and moves them about. MORE EXICITING THAN IT SOUNDS because Mickie kept breaking it and Oto got mad. Then we played Harry Potter Cluedo instead. THRILLING STUFF.

Oto: Wouldn't it be funny if there was a url called Earl?
Oto: Earl the urrrl?
Oto: Heh. Urrrl urrrl urrrl urrrl urrrl.
Me:...I am so writing this down for posterity.

I cannot confine myself to one thing at a time. Currently I'm working on about six pictures at once. I'M A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. I'm trying to get digital painting down, but it's not behaving :( And it takes EONS. So far:

Otomas was playing Neverwinter Nights next to me while I daubed madly, and we were discussing Aribeth (a paladin lady) and her boyfriend Fenwick (a monumental drip).

Oto: Anyway, I thought paladins couldn't have boyfriends and so on. It's against their laws.

Me:...I don't think so.

Oto: Oh wait! Darn. I was thinking of nuns.


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