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( Aug. 31st, 2012 10:06 pm)
I'm so depressed about Homestuck right now. The extent of my upset bothers me and makes me feel guilty because as [personal profile] torachan pointed out, there were a million and one problems with Homestuck before this and I accepted the explanations and apologies for those. But now it's hit me specifically and I realise just how shitty a person the author must be, and I'm not reading it anymore. I might still keep my fan characters, I'm not sure yet.

:(((( At least Pokemon will always love me.
What is up, good people of the internet. Nothing here that is for sure, I have been playing video games and reading Homestuck. If Dad doesn't manage to return safe and sound by the end I'm probably going to cry for real. He's my favourite character, which is about half due to his loving personality and half due to his pipe smoking.

Also: I made a thing for the Sims 2, it's a bunch of pretty lacy underwear for the AM body. The textures are from Bruno@MTS, edited to make them fit better.


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