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( Apr. 25th, 2015 02:30 pm)
* my mum got her hip replaced! she didn't qualify for a replacement before even though it's been bad for ages because she's too young but it got really bad and then they had to. so she can walk about again and climb the stairs and go out! we're gonna go to birdworld to celebrate. (birdworld is an aviary with some other animals and next door is an aquarium.) there's a lot of walking to see the whole thing though so we need to train up, because I'm super unfit too. but it's spring and there will be BABBY BIRDES!!!

* I stopped taking so much acid represent because apparently low acidity can really make SIBO worse and it seems to be helping without making me so acid I get burns? which is good. I've been super ill lately (hence my not being around) and I want so much to actually get stuff done this year.

* I'm so excited about pi, I love pi, I'm getting to the stage where it's allllll coming together and pi is so important and magical. happy pi day. also I ate a pie and it was delicious.

* I've been drawing a bit more using colours!3d on my 3ds, it's easier than getting my tablet set up and arranged and all. you can see my pictures here or I post them to my art tumblr eventually. colours! is basically deviantart in 3d, there's many children and many drama, but there's some amaaaazingly talented people.

* the spring is here at last and I can sit in the garden and listen to next door's power tools. but when he goes inside it's nice! the plum tree is in blossom and the pigeons are going crazy for the fruit...bud..things......anyway they're getting their snack on.

* I hope everyone is okay and hopefully better than okay? I'm sorry for being so scarce lately. how is the spring in your part of the world?
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( Dec. 8th, 2014 04:40 pm)
* can movember be over yet please

* I got a goat for my birthday! both a soft fluffy goat for cuddling and an live hungry goat for eating scrub on wildlife reserves and thus protecting valuable chalk grassland habitat. the big goat (who I only really "adopted" a share in) is called Cassie and the little goat is called Cassis because puns are cute. Cassie is white with one pinkish horn and one grey horn, while Cassis is white all over and wears a tiny goat coat to prevent me spilling chocolate oat milk on her (again).

* Olivia moved back to Bigsock and put her house in the spot I least wanted it but OH WELL I guess I will have to rearrange the flowerbeds.

* I got a jigsaw (not really hard enough but my aunt didn't know I am actually a god of jigsaws) and some nice warm purple clothes and a book about maths that I got halfway through a year ago but had to return to the library. the book is really interesting but I don't think anyone who reads this really wants to hear about set theory so I will spare you.

* I hate getting older and older without accomplishing anything. I want to go to university SO MUCH and learn and make friends and just have a semi-normal life. maybe one day. at least I don't look old I guess?

* I don't want to end this on a downer. lately I've been making more effort to talk to people I like and I think it's going quite well? I've been having problems with skype and so if you want to talk to me it's best to do it through pidgin (which you can use with msn and aim and other instant messengers as I'm sure you know). or email me or message here or something! I like to talk to you, person reading this!
I'm doing january and february together because I was basically dead for most of them both and theat sucked. at the vey end of february I increased my clomipramine dose and it has been like the sun coming out, goddamn. unfortunately I can't keep increasing it indefinitely so I'm going to try and take it down a step again when the weather is nicer and I can get out more tro prepare for next winter when I'll have to raise it again. I hate england and english weather so much I could scream.

I finally gave up on my book on the Riemann hypothesis and took it back to the library. it was just a sea of conflicting metaphors and anecdotes about the mathmaticians' personal lives, and basically no explanation of the maths itself. and it did the whole "the mysteries of the primes ~drove people to madness~" thing that I hate so much. I have a new one now which has good reviews on amazon so I hope it will be better.

I started playing gpxplus again while I was too ill to do anything useful. I've decided to name my Shaymin after Louise. now I just need to get the summoning item.

that's it I guess. I hope march is an improvement.


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