I'm doing january and february together because I was basically dead for most of them both and theat sucked. at the vey end of february I increased my clomipramine dose and it has been like the sun coming out, goddamn. unfortunately I can't keep increasing it indefinitely so I'm going to try and take it down a step again when the weather is nicer and I can get out more tro prepare for next winter when I'll have to raise it again. I hate england and english weather so much I could scream.

I finally gave up on my book on the Riemann hypothesis and took it back to the library. it was just a sea of conflicting metaphors and anecdotes about the mathmaticians' personal lives, and basically no explanation of the maths itself. and it did the whole "the mysteries of the primes ~drove people to madness~" thing that I hate so much. I have a new one now which has good reviews on amazon so I hope it will be better.

I started playing gpxplus again while I was too ill to do anything useful. I've decided to name my Shaymin after Louise. now I just need to get the summoning item.

that's it I guess. I hope march is an improvement.
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