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( Dec. 13th, 2036 09:10 pm)
Here is some stuff that I made for various games. Maybe you would like some of it?

I really don't care what you do with it. If you DO do anything with something I've made though, I'd love to see it.

Sims 2 )
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( Jul. 1st, 2015 10:23 pm)
* I'm skipping ahead because basically nothing good happened in april and may. I was ill, it sucked, cameron was re-elected, etc.

* I went to Harrow to go to a specialist gastrointestinal hospital. it was next to the biggest hospital I've ever been in, it had it's own grocery shop! the doctor has me lined up for an MRI just in case I have the world's least obvious case of Crohn's and some more hydrogen breath tests in order to get more information on the bacterial overgrowth. it's highly unlikely I actually have Crohn's but I'm scared anyway because it would be so awful if I did.

* Ocado got these delicious coconut milk ice lollies in and they're delicious. I said delicious twice but they are.

* PHILAE WOKE UP!!! good job space friend. I was very sad when it landed in a hole but now it seems like that might actually have been a good thing in a way, because it was protected. space is a harsh place for a little probe!

* I got my first ever proper sunburn! I've never got one before because my skin tans very easily, but I guess it'd been weakened by the rash I had earlier this year, or just not enough sunlight? either way I got burnt. I'm going to be more careful now and wear sunscreen. I sound like I'm whining about this but honestly I actually feel quite chuffed, like I got to join a club.

* I'm so pumped for the animal crossing home designer game!!! I like to give the animals houses that match their personalities anyway and it always bugs me how they won't put things on tables and arrange things in a stupid way, but now I can make them all cute rooms! plus I will be able to have all the furniture from new leaf that I've been longing for (CAKE DISPLAYS)(I don't have new leaf because I am forever loyal to my wild world villagers). and I can be less frighteningly pale too!

* I want a wii u to play Yoshi's wooly world. I wanted one before but now it's a BURNING NEED. I'm gonna get the amiibo too even if I don't get the wii u because HE'S MADE OF YARN!!! YARN YOSHI!!!!!!
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( Dec. 8th, 2014 04:40 pm)
* can movember be over yet please

* I got a goat for my birthday! both a soft fluffy goat for cuddling and an live hungry goat for eating scrub on wildlife reserves and thus protecting valuable chalk grassland habitat. the big goat (who I only really "adopted" a share in) is called Cassie and the little goat is called Cassis because puns are cute. Cassie is white with one pinkish horn and one grey horn, while Cassis is white all over and wears a tiny goat coat to prevent me spilling chocolate oat milk on her (again).

* Olivia moved back to Bigsock and put her house in the spot I least wanted it but OH WELL I guess I will have to rearrange the flowerbeds.

* I got a jigsaw (not really hard enough but my aunt didn't know I am actually a god of jigsaws) and some nice warm purple clothes and a book about maths that I got halfway through a year ago but had to return to the library. the book is really interesting but I don't think anyone who reads this really wants to hear about set theory so I will spare you.

* I hate getting older and older without accomplishing anything. I want to go to university SO MUCH and learn and make friends and just have a semi-normal life. maybe one day. at least I don't look old I guess?

* I don't want to end this on a downer. lately I've been making more effort to talk to people I like and I think it's going quite well? I've been having problems with skype and so if you want to talk to me it's best to do it through pidgin (which you can use with msn and aim and other instant messengers as I'm sure you know). or email me or message here or something! I like to talk to you, person reading this!
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( Aug. 14th, 2014 09:05 pm)
* in our last thrilliing instalment, I was ill(er than usual). I continued to be ill in July! but I did manage to have a few nice days out in the sun. a picnic, a pud lunch, and a visit to Tillgate park to see the birds and other animals. there was a very chatty lorie who suprised me by creaking out "hellllo" from behind a clumo of bamboo, and a bull who constantly licked his two cows in an affectionate but sticky way. the harvest mice were as tiny as I remembered them and were making a new nest. I fed a nice goat and patted her head.

* a new medicine was prescribed to me that theorectically could make a big difference. it's a a mega-probiotic of the sort given to factory farm animals that might repopulate my small intestine.

* ...except that no one thought of the consequences of downing a metric tonne of bacteria while having the immune system of a tiny hysterical baby.

* so I spent most of July lying in bed naked covered in huge blisters and a rash and sores all over my gums and lips and with a fever. I ate a lot of ice.

* I also played a lot of Tomodachi Life! I didn't order it becuase of the whole "no homodachi" business but Nasus got a copy and lent it to me. it provided about the right level of entertainment to a person strung out on strong anithistamines. Rax in the game wears a hamster suit and is married to Aurora Walrus. the island currently has me, Nasus, Owl, all four Walruses (Mitik, Pakak, Kula, and Aurora), Mario Luigi and Peach, and Blathers and Celeste the owls from animal crossing. I'm trying to make Nook but he's a bit tricky to humanise.

* if anyone wants a free Tomodachi Life trial code we have three! I assume the version you would get would be the uk one? I don't know how it works.

* it seems like all I do on this journal is talk about how ill I've been but to be fair I don't really have much else going on in my life.
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( Jun. 10th, 2014 09:09 pm)
* the defining event of May was my dear villager Olivia in animal crossing moving away. at first I was shocked but not unduly upset because I could just do a visit with Nasus, and she'd transfer over and could come back another time. however she did not turn up. some random other cat did. I was ridiculously upset because I've had Olivia since 2007, she was my first villager to move in to my town, and I thought she was lost. I was really down about it for two weeks or so. when the cat left a lion replaced her. after that I was sure she was gone. but! just a few days ago, the lion left and Olivia finally showed up! goodness knows what went wrong but now she's back I feel much better.

* I read on the internet that you shouldn't feed bread to ducks, you should feed them frozen peas instead (defrosted). but when I tried to feed the ducks peas they just looked down at them in confusion and then back at me. "where is our bread? what are these unappetising green things?" some of them tried the peas but dropped them immediately. the only person who ate them was a coot, maybe because it was hungry enough to try foods which are less delicious than bread. so the moral of the story is: we don't always want what's good for us.

* I'm stuck at a boss battle in m&l dream team. it's big massif in the dream world and I'm having trouble reading his patterns. I have to hoo up! I also chose a bunch of pokemon names so I can continue with Y.

* I wish I had an aserty keyboard with accents on. but also this one. a huge double keyboard. like an organ.
I've been seeing in the new year by sleeping near-constantly and feeling like death while awake so I've been putting of making any resolutions. Then I decided that I hate resolutions because they're so vague, "I will get fit", like HOW fit? If I make open ended resolutions like that I'm just going to beat myself up for not doing well enough. So instead I'm going to make some concrete goals that I want to get done before 2014.

* finish at least 5 pictures off picture list
* do at least five character refs
* reach next city in every pokemon game currently on the go
* get strong enough to do 10 proper push ups in a row without dying
* organise Buck's flowerbed
* do some maths every day, even if it's just going over stuff in my head
* figure out wtf is wrong with my laptop
* figure out wtf is wrong with minecraft forge
* don't cry over computers
* get started on transitioning stuff (weeps)
* make new icons for all tumblrs and dw
* draw at least five ask salamanders answers
* try to stay on top of freerice but don't get sick over it
* stop reading comics I don't enjoy
* set up paypal account
* organise sprawling pics folders into sleek new system
* do stupid breathing exercises every day ugh
* don't die

Welp that's a lot more than I expected OH WELL I GUESS WE'LL SEE
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( Sep. 19th, 2011 12:59 pm)
Sure is a shock to go from 30+ degree weather to what we're having her, which is a lot of rain. On the other hand, working internet access! I spend a lot of time on tumblr going "this is the coolest picture" and then "no, THIS is the coolest picture" and then "ALL THE PICTURES ARE COOLEST I LOVE THEM ALL". And months of zooborns backlog of course!

So Nasus asks me for a catchphrase for Robbit in animal crossing, and I say "exterminate". later she writes him a letter.

Nasus: Dear Robbit, here is a nice bribe. Exterminate the Nooklets for me and hide the bodies!
Nasus: Do you think it's too much?
Me: Uh, tiny bit?
Nasus: Oh okay. Should I say eat the bodies instead?
Me: NO!

She settled on "hide the evidence".