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( Dec. 8th, 2014 04:40 pm)
* can movember be over yet please

* I got a goat for my birthday! both a soft fluffy goat for cuddling and an live hungry goat for eating scrub on wildlife reserves and thus protecting valuable chalk grassland habitat. the big goat (who I only really "adopted" a share in) is called Cassie and the little goat is called Cassis because puns are cute. Cassie is white with one pinkish horn and one grey horn, while Cassis is white all over and wears a tiny goat coat to prevent me spilling chocolate oat milk on her (again).

* Olivia moved back to Bigsock and put her house in the spot I least wanted it but OH WELL I guess I will have to rearrange the flowerbeds.

* I got a jigsaw (not really hard enough but my aunt didn't know I am actually a god of jigsaws) and some nice warm purple clothes and a book about maths that I got halfway through a year ago but had to return to the library. the book is really interesting but I don't think anyone who reads this really wants to hear about set theory so I will spare you.

* I hate getting older and older without accomplishing anything. I want to go to university SO MUCH and learn and make friends and just have a semi-normal life. maybe one day. at least I don't look old I guess?

* I don't want to end this on a downer. lately I've been making more effort to talk to people I like and I think it's going quite well? I've been having problems with skype and so if you want to talk to me it's best to do it through pidgin (which you can use with msn and aim and other instant messengers as I'm sure you know). or email me or message here or something! I like to talk to you, person reading this!
good morrow friends, it has been a while! I have been posting a lot more on my tumblr than here because as an environment it lends itself more to one-line brain burbles. but! that led to me abandoning anyone who still uses DW instead of tumblr. I have no idea how many of you there are actually reading this. if I haven't talked to you in a long time please feel free to talk to me on skype or here or anywhere really! I get lonely a lot now that I have the energy to be awake for reasonable hours but not enough to go to university yet.

the new plan is to post here once a week, even if it's just bullet points. so here are some bullet points:

* they are actually asterisks because I forgot the html for bullet points.

* I've been struggling with matrices recently. I'm fine as long as I stay calm but if I get distracted or confused the whole business is ruined and I have to start again at the beginning. I know it's not a real big deal because I can always just use a calculator but it makes me feel dumb when I take ages over one because I have to check every stage.

* it's sunny today for the first time in at least a week, which is nice.

* going back to france soon!!! probably for less than a month but it will have to do. just stuff like the roadsigns being the 'right' colours is going to be so nice.
I've been seeing in the new year by sleeping near-constantly and feeling like death while awake so I've been putting of making any resolutions. Then I decided that I hate resolutions because they're so vague, "I will get fit", like HOW fit? If I make open ended resolutions like that I'm just going to beat myself up for not doing well enough. So instead I'm going to make some concrete goals that I want to get done before 2014.

* finish at least 5 pictures off picture list
* do at least five character refs
* reach next city in every pokemon game currently on the go
* get strong enough to do 10 proper push ups in a row without dying
* organise Buck's flowerbed
* do some maths every day, even if it's just going over stuff in my head
* figure out wtf is wrong with my laptop
* figure out wtf is wrong with minecraft forge
* don't cry over computers
* get started on transitioning stuff (weeps)
* make new icons for all tumblrs and dw
* draw at least five ask salamanders answers
* try to stay on top of freerice but don't get sick over it
* stop reading comics I don't enjoy
* set up paypal account
* organise sprawling pics folders into sleek new system
* do stupid breathing exercises every day ugh
* don't die

Welp that's a lot more than I expected OH WELL I GUESS WE'LL SEE
Back in England and the weather is horrible (as expected). There's union jack bunting freaking EVERYWHERE since the cycle race came through here. And YET ANOTHER survey arrived from the hospital.

Otomas is leaving for university soon. I'm glad that he's going to be out of here because he is not at all easy to live with, but I'm so sad that I still can't go. I'm almost 22, I wanted to go as soon as I hit 18! Learning is my jam! I really love classes and whiteboards and numbers and how dizzyingly wonderful the universe is and the feeling of finally understanding something and spending all morning on a problem and working together with science buddies and I am just so, so jealous. The funny (ha ha) bit is that he doesn't even want to go!

On the plus side though, I've seen a lot of resources for online courses on tumblr. So maaaaaaybe I can do some learning, even if I have to take it very slowly. I can't just give up. Lots of people did their best work in their thirties or fourties, I've still got time.
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( Sep. 14th, 2007 11:39 am)
Things that suck:

1. All my disks are full. This means no scanning, drawing or new music till I get a new one, unless I delete stuff first.

2. School is really, really hard work. I don't think I get half the stuff in my further maths class. Plus, half my teachers are borderline jerks? Or maybe I'm just sensitive.

3. I haven't managed to play Sabrous in weeks, I'm barely able to play any games at all actually. I'm squeezing as much drawing and playing pokemon in to the tiny gaps between schoolwork and sleeping.

Things that do not suck:

1. People who I was really worried about seem to be taking a turn for the better, which makes me happy.

2. There is a fox asleep on our lawn.

3.Plusle and Minum in mystery dungeon are unbelievbly adorable. "Please, please save my love!" D'awwww.

I am in three minds about Babs' heels in these scans (which incidentally include Harley Quinn being totally awesome). Part A is going, Hey, her boots are totally hot when they're drawn right. Ridiculous, but hot! and then Part B comes in, protesting vigourously that her ankles are going to snap, snap like twigs, and it will serve her right for choosing such foolish crime fighting-footwear...

Part C, however, is stuck on the concept of YELLOW BOOTIES. TEE HEE THEY ARE YELLOW HOW CHEERFUL. I thunk exams melt brain, send help plz.

On the subject of comics, we have a closely related topic...

C is for Cartoons

Animaniacs - Animania The Animaniacs were a very formulative part of my youth I'll have you know. NARF.

Pokemon - Pokemon TV Theme AUF DEUTSCH You have the theme tune...but do you have it in GERMAN? Now I have this mental image of Herr Brock stuck in my head god no sleep tonight.


Seven papers down and six to go. THEN maybe I'll be able to spare some time for drawing etc. At least I'm doing well? I'D BETTER BE DOING WELL OKAY WORLD.
Exams are so not fun. I can't take them with everyone else, in case I get something, so I have a speshal room for people with problems. Joy and jubilations, but at least I don't have to put up with Lewis bumbling around falling over desks like a giant orange wombat.

I have to study for an RS PAPER. I do not know why I need this qualification to do pure sciences at A level. It is a mystery to me. But take it I must, and I am not one to hold prejudices, I am as open-minded and acceptant of things I personally disagree with as anyone else. So I open up my (pink, badly stapled) revision booklet, and within five minutes I have learnt:

a) Evolution is only a theory, and should be treated with caution.
b) The universe began as an infinitely compact fireball.
c) The easiest way to understand the expansion of the universe is to see it as a fruitcake in the oven.

There is a fruitcake somewhere here, but it is not the universe. Casting aside my pink booklet in horror and indignation, I seized my physics text book in hopes of finding comfort.

"The first level or shell can only contain a MAXIMUM of 2 ELECTRONS. All the energy levels or shells after this can only hold a MAXIMUM of 8 ELECTRONS."

Going to weep tears of blood now. aguydaajdfsdk
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( Feb. 19th, 2007 10:27 pm)
I just got into my sixth form of choice after the most TERRIFYING INTERVIEW EVA.

Nice Lady: So, why do you want to join our sixth form?
Nice Lady: Okay then.

I've been on my new shiny medicine for almost a week now. I'm not sure about it. In some ways it's better, in some ways worse. VAGUE. It makes my head really fuzzy and blurred though which is not great.

I have a knee deep pile of art which I need to finish and upload. OR PERHAPS I'll just go play mystery dungeon and goof off. God I can't wait till I can get an Arcanine oh boy oh boy. I already have Voltorb and Scyther so that just leaves Koffing, Gyarados and Haunter . LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS NOW THE GANG IS BACK IN TOWN.