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Rax ([personal profile] pyrrhocorax) wrote2013-09-16 02:37 pm
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an alien with a brain like a doughnut

good morrow friends, it has been a while! I have been posting a lot more on my tumblr than here because as an environment it lends itself more to one-line brain burbles. but! that led to me abandoning anyone who still uses DW instead of tumblr. I have no idea how many of you there are actually reading this. if I haven't talked to you in a long time please feel free to talk to me on skype or here or anywhere really! I get lonely a lot now that I have the energy to be awake for reasonable hours but not enough to go to university yet.

the new plan is to post here once a week, even if it's just bullet points. so here are some bullet points:

* they are actually asterisks because I forgot the html for bullet points.

* I've been struggling with matrices recently. I'm fine as long as I stay calm but if I get distracted or confused the whole business is ruined and I have to start again at the beginning. I know it's not a real big deal because I can always just use a calculator but it makes me feel dumb when I take ages over one because I have to check every stage.

* it's sunny today for the first time in at least a week, which is nice.

* going back to france soon!!! probably for less than a month but it will have to do. just stuff like the roadsigns being the 'right' colours is going to be so nice.