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( Sep. 1st, 2015 03:03 pm)
here is plant personality quiz. I think mine’s pretty accurate (though my singing voice is...not great).

flower flower tree )

also, I’m in france! the weather here in Troyes is actual summer weather, unlike england where august was indistinguishable from late october. I’ll try and take some photos!
well my good intentions about posting every week sort of slipped while I was in France because I was so busy! but I am going back to it now because I am back in England and it is about ten degrees colder and there is nothing better to do.

I had a good time though! one of the things we went to was a discovery farm where you could pet and feed the animals. despite the awkwardness of being the only family there without a tiny child it was excellent, there were bunnies and loud geese and quiet ducks and lots of different varieties of sheep and donkeys and llamas and goats and EVERYBODY was hungry. I picked a lot of grass to feed the bunnies and they went totally crazy over it. they must have been bored of nothing but dry food :(

and we went to see some rock formations that look like organ pipes, which were nice but the real excitement was while we were walking there we met a wonderful black pony with the shortest possible legs and the roundest possible body and a messy mane and he was so perfect. I have so many pictures of the pony, he is my special pony and nothing will destroy our bond. he had nothing to graze on in his enclosure so we brought him grass and the next day carrots, and he was so excited he bit me twice but it was okay because I was wearing a jacket and the course of true love never did run smooth anyway.

and we went to an aquarium and to the beach lots and it was generally A Good Time. now I have to finish all the things I'm meant to do this year in the two months I have left so time to get busy.
* so I am here in France now and the weather is eminently more reasonable! the Med is hella cold though.

* Perpignan seems to have more than its fair share of crying babies. or maybe the studio we are renting is on baby street? or maybe these things are sent to test me.

* currently I am mad because some complete wanker on the internet claims that people with more unusual phobias or triggers DELIBERATELY MANUFACTURED THEM for attention on tumblr. and someone I was goping to befriend is apparently friendly with him so, yeah. *crosses off to-befriend list* what a total tosspot.

* but! I have a delicious raspberry and rose flavoured drink so all is not lost. I wanted to get kiwi and banana too but it had fructose syrup in it :(
good morrow friends, it has been a while! I have been posting a lot more on my tumblr than here because as an environment it lends itself more to one-line brain burbles. but! that led to me abandoning anyone who still uses DW instead of tumblr. I have no idea how many of you there are actually reading this. if I haven't talked to you in a long time please feel free to talk to me on skype or here or anywhere really! I get lonely a lot now that I have the energy to be awake for reasonable hours but not enough to go to university yet.

the new plan is to post here once a week, even if it's just bullet points. so here are some bullet points:

* they are actually asterisks because I forgot the html for bullet points.

* I've been struggling with matrices recently. I'm fine as long as I stay calm but if I get distracted or confused the whole business is ruined and I have to start again at the beginning. I know it's not a real big deal because I can always just use a calculator but it makes me feel dumb when I take ages over one because I have to check every stage.

* it's sunny today for the first time in at least a week, which is nice.

* going back to france soon!!! probably for less than a month but it will have to do. just stuff like the roadsigns being the 'right' colours is going to be so nice.
I am in France! I have been in France for more than three weeks but I neglected to say anything about it, mostly because I was really ill for a large chunk of that time. The weather here in Lot-et-Garonne is lovely and hot but there is NOTHING to do except caves, and I've done caves! And chateaux and old churches I guess but those are seldom really gripping. My French has got super bad as well. I guess I'll have to pick up a dictionary and start relearning words!

The best thing so far is a tiny soft fluffy wild boar plushy that I was given as a present, he is charming and I will post pictures of him when I can get them :)