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( Dec. 31st, 2014 05:06 pm)
* this is embarrassing frankly but it turns out I have been accidentally poisoning (well not literally poisoning) myself since august. I've been having hot caramel syrup in my delicious chocolate oatmilk. unfortunately while the sugar used to make the caramel is sucrose which I can digest, when heated with water it forms a number of complex compounds and also separates into glucose and fructose, which I can't. this is chemistry's revenge on me for slighting it.

* but now that I've stopped drinking it I should become somewhat healthier! and it only took me four months of fatalistic acceptance of decline before I wised up. moral of the story: trust nothing, especially not tasty things.

* I got the most adorable felt furret from Willow! I sort of want to hang it on the christmas tree but I don't have one due to not celebrating christmas. I have hung it by my bed instead and it watches me with its little button eyes. I need to take a photo of it so I can show you! I also got lots of tea and a letter with a bunny on. I need to remember to write back so this is an instruction to Future Rax: write back ya dingus.

* I also got an email from a family friend that I haven't spoken too since I was probably fourteen? anyway he's trans too and we're chatting which is nice. I like talking, I need to remember that. talking can be fun and enjoyable.

* I drew a picture for secret stantler. I got a perfect fit prompt, basically "cute furrets". I CAN DO THAT. I did a paper textured thing that makes it look more exciting than just flat colours and was intended to be less work than shading but actually might have been more...
still it looks okay to me and I think it's equivalent to a thousand words of fiction which is what was required. I hope it goes down well with the recipient.

* I listened to this on repeat a lot. and this.
Rain rain rain rain rain.


But at least all my exams are over. Aaaand let's have some music why not my friends why not. D was going to be for dreams but I have about 16 kabillion dream songs and I wasn't doing that shit. SO.

D is for Dark

Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders Turn up your volume and prepare to be rocked. This song makes me go a little creepy actually. I think it's the weird pseudo Latin chanting (not actually Latin, just the same sound). Anyway. Makes me think of BATTLES and DARK MONKS and THINGS FROM THE DARKNESS yes I need to eat something.

Backslash vs. Dennis D. - Dancing In The Dark (Original Mix) It is possible I have a lot of trance. I'm not sure about how the musical breaks join with the lyrical sections at some points in the song - sounds a little stilted, particularly at 0:59 - but it will probably grow on me. LIKE SOME HIDEOUS PARASITE

Sonic Team - Team Dark's Theme - THIS MACHINE And now some SRS MUSIC. Guys please do not laugh this is a very emotional song and you must listen with respect. I mean it guys. No furbashing.

BUT F'REALZ, there is a STORY which I must tell that explains why I have this waste of disk space clogging up Wurple's arteries. Many moons ago (three years?) my family went to America to stay with family, as we do from time to time. My cousin Josh had just got Sonic Heroes, so me, him, and Oto spent most of the summer lying on his bed eating ice and racing. As we are all intensely OCD about these things, we had a TEAM EACH and STUCK WITH IT >:| So Josh was Team Dark, Oto was team Sonic, and I was Team Chaotix (yes the flaming pink chameleon thing team). The game was mediocre - though I said that about every Sonic game since the SNES ones so maybe I'm just old and cranky? - but the MUSIC. oh man, the MUSIC. It was so hilariously, cheesily BAD that it won my heart and has kept it ever since. LIKE A LASER BEAM, MY EYES ON YOURS

No matter what you do in life, it will not be this redonkulous.
I am in three minds about Babs' heels in these scans (which incidentally include Harley Quinn being totally awesome). Part A is going, Hey, her boots are totally hot when they're drawn right. Ridiculous, but hot! and then Part B comes in, protesting vigourously that her ankles are going to snap, snap like twigs, and it will serve her right for choosing such foolish crime fighting-footwear...

Part C, however, is stuck on the concept of YELLOW BOOTIES. TEE HEE THEY ARE YELLOW HOW CHEERFUL. I thunk exams melt brain, send help plz.

On the subject of comics, we have a closely related topic...

C is for Cartoons

Animaniacs - Animania The Animaniacs were a very formulative part of my youth I'll have you know. NARF.

Pokemon - Pokemon TV Theme AUF DEUTSCH You have the theme tune...but do you have it in GERMAN? Now I have this mental image of Herr Brock stuck in my head god no sleep tonight.


Seven papers down and six to go. THEN maybe I'll be able to spare some time for drawing etc. At least I'm doing well? I'D BETTER BE DOING WELL OKAY WORLD.
Tags:'s time for the Wednesday Music Meme! Let's have a big round of applause, ladies and gentlemen, for this weeks special guest star...the letter B!

B is for Boids

Kimiko - Penguin In A Golden CoatI can't remember where I picked this up, probably found it by accident while trawling my music net deep into the watery abyss of the internet. I like the way it sounds, sort of relaxed but lively, like setting out on a summer holiday. Hopeful, I guess.

Malibu Storm - The Bird Song This one comes from a Rounder Sample CD I picked up in 04, because HAY GUYZ FREE MUSIC. I still can't decide if I like it or hate it. Shut up, I don't have that many bird songs. I'M TRYING.

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle IF YOU KIDS HANG AROUND HERE, YOU GONNA GIT HIPPY MUSIC. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR WHINING. Summery music to me but that's probably just because I used to hear it while sitting in a field with no shoes, which you can only do in august over here.

Wedsday Music Meme!
feel free to grab this and repost it.
rules: post a song (or a few) related to an alphabetic letter in accordance with the number of meme post...IE, first post is letter A. second post, B. Third, C...

But! that letter must stand for a theme. you make up the theme, but all the songs should relate to said theme.

So it's not Wednesday. But I keep missing it, so today, dammit, I am starting this. THE INTERNET NEEDS MORE MUSIC MEMES.

A is for Alcohols

Grateful Dead - Brown-eyed Woman OH HEY LOOK MY CHILDHOOD. I actually really like Grenadine :B

Da Vinci's Notebook - Another Irish Drinking Song I discovered this yonks ago when I was just discovering the joys of the internet. Me and Oto were hypnotized, learnt it off by heart, and sang it constantly for weeks. In the end it got parentally banned after we tried to start up a rousing sing song half way down the motorway at five in the morning.

Dropkick Murphy's - Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced FINALLY, A SENTIMENT WE CAN ALL GET BEHIND. My Main Man Mickie introduced me to this.

IN OTHER NEWS This guy is totally awesome. I like Manimali 1 and 2 best, particularly the swan, but the Van Gogh chick is also great.
Sometimes that last 30 images thing throws up GOLD.

I'm still sleeping 2-4 hours everyday but I've got some energy back which is just as well really because my French orals are approaching like a runaway train. Excuse me must go panic arrgh argggh

God I want to go play hockey now.