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( Dec. 31st, 2014 05:06 pm)
* this is embarrassing frankly but it turns out I have been accidentally poisoning (well not literally poisoning) myself since august. I've been having hot caramel syrup in my delicious chocolate oatmilk. unfortunately while the sugar used to make the caramel is sucrose which I can digest, when heated with water it forms a number of complex compounds and also separates into glucose and fructose, which I can't. this is chemistry's revenge on me for slighting it.

* but now that I've stopped drinking it I should become somewhat healthier! and it only took me four months of fatalistic acceptance of decline before I wised up. moral of the story: trust nothing, especially not tasty things.

* I got the most adorable felt furret from Willow! I sort of want to hang it on the christmas tree but I don't have one due to not celebrating christmas. I have hung it by my bed instead and it watches me with its little button eyes. I need to take a photo of it so I can show you! I also got lots of tea and a letter with a bunny on. I need to remember to write back so this is an instruction to Future Rax: write back ya dingus.

* I also got an email from a family friend that I haven't spoken too since I was probably fourteen? anyway he's trans too and we're chatting which is nice. I like talking, I need to remember that. talking can be fun and enjoyable.

* I drew a picture for secret stantler. I got a perfect fit prompt, basically "cute furrets". I CAN DO THAT. I did a paper textured thing that makes it look more exciting than just flat colours and was intended to be less work than shading but actually might have been more...
still it looks okay to me and I think it's equivalent to a thousand words of fiction which is what was required. I hope it goes down well with the recipient.

* I listened to this on repeat a lot. and this.

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