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( May. 3rd, 2014 08:52 pm)
so apparently I'm doing these in two month bundles? okay.

* MARIO AND LUIGI DREAM TEAM IS ACES. such a fun game, luigi at maximum cuteness level, very hoo. the yoshis all talk about food constantly, one of them wants to eat the badges in the badge shop, yoshi stop. boss brickle is creepy. there are hoos everywhere who talk in a very hoo manner. peachy has adoring fans and has recovered from her kidnapping (though she might well get kidnapped again you know how it is). the combat is fun and the bposs battles are nicely challenging, there are many collectables in the form of delicious BEANS, did I mention LUIGI yet. LUIGI! he makes the sweetest faces on the lower screen and his snoring is adorable. mario is his bbbff. all is right in the world.

* only one person signed up for my art exchange. which sucks because I was super excited for it. I sent a lot of asks on tumblr to people with fancharacters asking if they'd join or at least promote it but I only got two replies. did they get the asks and ignore them? was it rude? or did they just get eaten by tumblr. I wish I knew.

* Oto got me lots of pokemon cards and when I feel better I'm going to open some packs.

* I'm playing Extrasolar which is good at giving me a reason to get up in the mornings. haha that sounds grimmer than I meant it to. but. accurate.

* my life is not very exciting but my dreams are nice

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