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Entertaining Stuff That Has Entertained Me Recently

A few browser-based games, some stories, comics, a rover and a let's play!

Lines of Black and White
And escape-the-room game with a tweeeest. The gameplay is a little too easy but it's a cute concept that could be really fun in a larger game.

Like Populous, but free! You try to lead tiny, stupid people to conquer and build by manipulating the environment and raining fire upon your enemies. I suck at it.

Gunnerkrigg Court
I hope you're already reading this! A comic about a girl who goes to live at a magical boarding school. Really slow burner but consistently good. The art improves!

A comic about a girl who goes to live in an oppressive regime. Less dreamy and more grounded than Rice Boy, which may or may not please your surrealism salivary glands.

Cucumber Quest!
A delicious comic about a boy called Cucumber who goes on a quest. Very Nintendo-esque, very tasty-looking art.

A MMO game with a cute look and a bizarre sense of humour (you nibble pigs to acquire meat, they like this). Lots of repetitive tasks to do to earn badges and dull sorrows.

Curiosity's twitter
He's still up there, beetling about and drilling rocks. I hear that one of the rocks has a twitter now too, but I think that might be going a bit to far or me.

Infinity Plus Fiction Archive
Sci-Fi stories and excerpts, ranging fro good to terrible as usual.

Let's Play Deadly Premonition
This game won an award for "Best Worst Game" or possibly "Worst Best Game". It is An Experience. There's a more ~official~ SA Let's Play but this one is done by a lady (plus point in my book) and balances humour nicely with shutting up, something not many LPers can do.