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( Jun. 10th, 2014 09:09 pm)
* the defining event of May was my dear villager Olivia in animal crossing moving away. at first I was shocked but not unduly upset because I could just do a visit with Nasus, and she'd transfer over and could come back another time. however she did not turn up. some random other cat did. I was ridiculously upset because I've had Olivia since 2007, she was my first villager to move in to my town, and I thought she was lost. I was really down about it for two weeks or so. when the cat left a lion replaced her. after that I was sure she was gone. but! just a few days ago, the lion left and Olivia finally showed up! goodness knows what went wrong but now she's back I feel much better.

* I read on the internet that you shouldn't feed bread to ducks, you should feed them frozen peas instead (defrosted). but when I tried to feed the ducks peas they just looked down at them in confusion and then back at me. "where is our bread? what are these unappetising green things?" some of them tried the peas but dropped them immediately. the only person who ate them was a coot, maybe because it was hungry enough to try foods which are less delicious than bread. so the moral of the story is: we don't always want what's good for us.

* I'm stuck at a boss battle in m&l dream team. it's big massif in the dream world and I'm having trouble reading his patterns. I have to hoo up! I also chose a bunch of pokemon names so I can continue with Y.

* I wish I had an aserty keyboard with accents on. but also this one. a huge double keyboard. like an organ.

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