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Rax ([personal profile] pyrrhocorax) wrote2009-02-21 09:43 pm

making me feel so brand new

Blah. I guess I'm starting to finally learn that this illness, condition, whatever, is something I can't just power through with sheer force of will. It's not a lesson I want to learn. But after trying to stick out the TC game and ending up spending the night on the bathroom floor and frightening everyone with internal bleeding worse than I've had for a year or so now, I think I'm going to have to start accepting that there are things I can't do. I think maybe I should quit the game, I feel horrible for holding everyone up. I should have known this was going to happen, I KNEW I was ill, I misjudged my own strength. Goddamnit.

Spent...yesterday? I guess? Asleep, then woke up and watched healing Star Trek. Acting so bad, plots so silly, Kirk and Spock so married.

Why do I always get ugly Blanca faces, isn't nintendo interested in quality control >|

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If you don't mind me asking, of course: what are you ill with? :\

*big hugs*

Also: OH MAN I get some of the most hideous blanca faces known to man. D:

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Honestly, no ones really sure. Current diagnosis is maybe ME, maybe some other weird kind of cronic fatigue that affects the immune system. Basically, I get ill with everything that goes around, and the slightest little cough or anything makes my body go HOLY MOTHER OF POTATOES and I get bleeding, fevers etc. The other symptom is just being really, really tired the whole time. I feel so stupid about it, like it's not a 'real' illness. I'm sure I'd be happier if I just had a label to stick on it stupid.

*hugs back*

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I dunno, I have a similar "mystery illness" with my digestive system. They couldn't figure out what was wrong so they slapped me with IBS and called it a day. :B

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dude, the GM has seizures. we roll with it. if a game is cancelled due to illness, that's just how it goes.

i mean you only missed two games, and when you're there you're very active. it's no big thing, man. i'd hate to see you go. but nobody felt like you were holding us up. we feel a bit of a hole where you were supposed to be, but it's not that we feel like you're a drag. WE WANT YOU THERE DONT LEAVE

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But seizures are srs bsns and being ill with tiredness is just silly. I THINK MOST OF THIS IS MY ANXIETY ISSUES TALKING with the whole 'oh no everyone secretly hates me i suck' thing. But if I'm not a problem, I'll definitely stay because ilu guys and I have such a lot of fun playing with you.


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Yeah you're right, I just tend to discount anything that doesn't involve my head exploding as me being weak.

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We like having you play! And you don't hold us up any. If anything, I hate running without you because I want you there.

Sounds almost like an immunodeficiency problem. There's a syndrome, I misremember what it's called, but it affects the immune system of kids and I think up to younger teens.
Don't let 'em give up on finding what it is, either. Took them fifteen years to finally diagnose me as epileptic; hoping it doesn't take that long for you.

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It is some kind of immunodeficiency problem, probably, because my white blood cell count is all kinds of screwy.

I'm glad I don't hold you up, I love you guys :>

But seriously, folks...

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You're already awesome! You do Batman impressions that make me laugh uproariously when I'm depressed! And we love you, so don't give up.

Also: Sulu + rapiers + Three Musketeers + drunkenness = suprise stab = BEST EPISODE EVER!

Re: But seriously, folks...

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Eeep! Sounds painful.

As the almighty "they" say, health is more important than games. Take all the rest you need; don't see how anyone can fault you for that.