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Rax ([personal profile] pyrrhocorax) wrote2015-01-31 03:52 pm

review of january

* I FINALLY GOT AN APPOINTMENT AT THE GENDER IDENTITY CLINIC!!! I have been waiting since november 2013.

* I got my secret stantler gift! it's called The Acorn and it's about Shaymin. it's a crossover with the Hobbit films, which I haven't seen but I know the basic plot of. I drew this, and the person who got it seemed pleased so that's good.

* so GIC right. well. it didn't go so good. the psych I saw was insistent that gender was all about performing as either male or female in public and so a) I had to try to live and pass as male if I wanted help and b) as I don't go out much I don't really qualify for help as if a Rax has dysphoria in the woods no one hears it cry. on the plus side! my gp has been super helpful and recommended a surgeon who would do top surgery (which is all I'm really after) privately. I could pay for it with my inheritance from my grandparents, and I wouldn't have to argue with ignorant people who trigger my PTSD about whether my gender exists or not.

* he also thought I have asperger's? which I'm taking with a whole box of salt seeing as his evidence was things like "likes star trek" and "likes things to be lined up straight". still, my brother has it and my dad probably does so maybe? eh, it's not like it changes anything one way or the other.

* and he thought star trek and doctor who were interchangeable! I mean, AS IF. but enough about him I am trying to put it behind me.

* my mother needs an emergency hip replacement :( it's been bad for about two years but now it's suddenly accelerated and she needs it within a month really. it's all very safe and routine and everything but naturally I'm mad scared because HOSPITAL. I would appreciate if those of you who do prayers or vibes or things of those sort could aim a few in her direction because I can't really do anything else.

* my new purple fluffy jumper I got for my birthday is so warm and fluffy I haven't felt cold at all even though it has been snowing! mind you I haven't actually been outside much. but the daffodils are coming up and that's nice.

* I love being healthy enough to study!!! I love being healthy enough to draw!!! please based shaymin let this continue!!!

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You know how sometimes I talk about raxes and it's weird because you think I'm talking about you? So much that for this post. So much. Also, "based Shaymin" oh my god. :D

That GIC is wack and I am glad that you are seeking what you want by means that work for you. Also, while I'm not sure how useful an asperger's/autism diagnosis actually would be for you, I've found reading forums/tumblrs with suggestions for folks on that spectrum to be full of super useful suggestions for me also. PTSD and autism share a surprising number of attributes, and some of the coping mechanisms for one are really useful for the other as well. At least in my experience. Your mileage may vary; it's been super helpful for me in the last few months.

Hooray for being able to do stuff and hooray for comfortable things. I will keep your mother in my thoughts.