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To all the people I owe art: I swear, I have not forgotten! I'm just working on it incredibly slowly, which is horrible of me but I know that if I make it top priority, above getting well/life etc. then I'll really fuck myself over. I'm sorry it sound selfish, but I need to look at the situation I'm in logically at the moment. When I'm well(er), I'll draw you all nine pictures each.
The sunshine and warmth of spring is giving me a chance to improve and I've got to take it.

There is a WiP collage thing of all the pictures I owe under the cut, so you can see where I've got to on yours (don't look if you sill want a surprise). If I've forgotten you, throw something at me.


I can beat this fucker. I can. Even if I can't, I'm gonna try so hard I'll be like diamond, bitches.

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Not sure whats wrong, but lots of hugs and furrett kisses! ;B (Which I have suddenly forgotten how to spell, wtf.)

Eeeeeee cupcake~ Take all the time you need, I'd rather see you feel better.

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Eh, take yer time, kiddo. Trust me, better to get healthy and let non-essentials slide.

Glad you're feeling better.

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pokemon symphony oh my god aww
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I don't know what that peackockydragon thing is, but it looks awesome. ♥

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*resists urge to look*

Go at your own pace; health comes first! Glad to hear you're getting better.