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more unnamed world words

talking about Metrazol's culture! I'd like to chat with people about wordbuilding/our projects more often but I don't want to put anyone on the spot by asking questions if they haven't specifically said they liked receiving them and I don't know how to ask people to ask about my stuff without being rude. blurgle blurgle why communication so hard.

. it is covered in sedum like brightly coloured plants, some very large. the plainsfolk of the area depend on these for food. they can aslo be crushed for dye. the plains is inhabited by a nation composed mainly of plainsfolk and skyfolk, with some treefolk. they are herders and weavers. the animals they herd provide the wool for the cloth. they are famous for their beautiful patterns and designs (what are they like?) the animals wander freely over the plains for the summer, during which time the people follow them in tents. the tents look sort of like turkish tents from medieval period. in the winter they live in turf houses and pen the creatures in. the houses have plants growing all over them. this nation has two genders, sky and earth. sky people are seen as more analytical, interllectual, and delicate. earth people are seen as more spiritual, phlegmatic and robust. the genders have no relation to sexual charectaristics. their art is highly symbolic and communicative, with no clear distinction between "story" and "picture". their language, rendered in english, has no possesives ("the house" instead of "my house"). pronouns are considered very rude and are not used, instead names are abbreviated in writing. (this is not a problem in the native script where names are one symbol). the culture values the whole above the component parts and the many above the few. there is a strong emphasis on community. children are reared collectively and blood ties are not considered except to prevent inbreeding. romantic and/or sexual relationships are casual. monogamy is an alien and disturbing idea to them, as it involves two people devoting themselves to each other above society as a whole.
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Ahhh this sounds really cool! :D
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i am so into the idea of sky gender and earth gender
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hell yeah fuck that noise!! 8D i mean i think especially in fantasy settings the degree to which people cling to the gender binary enforced in the real world is absurd, so. i am so about different gender sets, personally.

:O i did not! thank you for pointing it out to me!! i thought tumblr was supposed to tell me when i'm mentioned in a post ;__; maybe it didn't because my simblr is a side blog, weh.