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Unnamed World masterpost

Un is a large world but we only explore one continent/area. the area doesn't have any enclosing features it's just bounded Because Game Reasons. there is a forest of tall tubular plants like bamboo/wheat. there are black obsidianish rock mountains in a black sand desert. there is a large inland ocean/lake with a very flat shoreline. there are some rocky canyons going deep into the earth with ancient buildings in.

there are five species of sentient creatures. skyfolk, shellfolk, plainsfolk, treefolk, and scalefolk. they all look like so: (DESIGN SHEET) they live together in mixed nations rather than in racial states. shellfolk are tough and can breathe underwater through a hole in the top of their shells? scalefolk are physically strong and immune to poison damage and have naturally venomous tails (poison damage randomly on physical contact attack?). skyfolk are fast and can fly. treefolk are magically strong and have (ABILITY, maybe low light/dark vision? maybe some form of magical sight/truesight?). plainsfolk are robust (healthy) and have (ABILITY).

there is an open plain bordering a wheat forest. it is covered in sedum like brightly coloured plants, some very large. the plainsfolk of the area depend on these for food. they can aslo be crushed for dye. the plains is inhabited by a nation composed mainly of plainsfolk and skyfolk, with some treefolk. they are herders and weavers. the animals they herd provide the wool for the cloth. they are famous for their beautiful patterns and designs (what are they like?) the animals wander freely over the plains for the summer, during which time the people follow them in tents. the tents look sort of like turkish tents from medieval period. in the winter they live in turf houses and pen the creatures in. the houses have plants growing all over them. this nation has two genders, sky and earth. sky people are seen as more analytical, interllectual, and delicate. earth people are seen as more spiritual, phlegmatic and robust. the genders have no relation to sexual charectaristics. their art is highly symbolic and communicative, with no clear distinction between "story" and "picture". their language, rendered in english, has no possesives ("the house" instead of "my house"). pronouns are considered very rude and are not used, instead names are abbreviated in writing. (this is not a problem in the native script where names are one symbol). the culture values the whole above the component parts and the many above the few. there is a strong emphasis on community. children are reared collectively and blood ties are not considered except to prevent inbreeding. romantic and/or sexual relationships are casual. monogamy is an alien and disturbing idea to them, as it involves two people devoting themselves to each other above society as a whole.

there is magic in the world. it is arcane and mysterious stuff that people have to realise somehow to use. they can use words, signs, movements, rituals, meditations etc. it is very very hard to do magic without some form of actualisation tool, and the magic that can be done that way is weak. potions are different and are mostly chemistry though they can be combined with magic. items can be enchanted by writing the spell into the fabric of the item somehow (probably?).

the world is under attack by a sort of magical parasite that came from space. it infects organisms, causing them to fall into a magical coma. a white fungusy double is then created who wanders around, usually aimlessly but sometimes aggressively. slaying the double releases to original from stasis. if the infection lasts longer it produces more/more dangerous copies. the fungus is white with a fluorescent green glow. it smells awful. people who have been infected suffer mentally afterwards, with nightmares, and longer periods leading to disassociative fugues and hallucinations. they fade with time. the weather system is also affected by the space plague causing magical storms. lightning that strikes places on the planet causes them to become infected, creating a sort of possessed environment with distortions of reality and magic. being exposed to the lightning (being close to a strike and looking at the light) causes the same mental health problems but instead of fading they intensify with time (?) and begin to bleed into reality. some people deliberately expose themselves/others (cult).

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