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Rax ([personal profile] pyrrhocorax) wrote2014-08-07 09:36 pm

review of june

I'd combine this with july but it would get long.

* I had a surgical procedure (not technically an operation even though I was under general anaethetic) that everyone had hyped to be a game changer which totally wasn't. I was probably the least upset because I never believe in anything anymore anyway. I managed to make the whole thing worse by spilling a cup of near boiling water on my crotch shortly before having to head to the hospital but because I got the aloe vera on it quickly it actually wasn't a huge deal. I could tell everyone was proud of my timing though.

* my brother came to stay. he lost it (WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED THAT), stuff happened, and now he is no longer allowed to come here. overall it's safer this way for all of us.

* the medicine I had to take before the s.p. made me pretty ill for the whole rest of the month so I didn't get out much at all. I did go to a nice nature reserve with lots of birdlife and a no dog policy! which is great because birds and dogs don't really mix and I am bird. I saw a common kingfisher for about the second time ever!

* I sent a letter to Willow and it was kind of fun! I would like to exchange letters with other people too. If you would like a letter, with some dumb pictures or some small light items like pokemon cards, please comment with your address. comments will of course be screened! my postal address is in the uk and I can send to anywhere, but not heavy or large things.