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( Jul. 1st, 2015 10:23 pm)
* I'm skipping ahead because basically nothing good happened in april and may. I was ill, it sucked, cameron was re-elected, etc.

* I went to Harrow to go to a specialist gastrointestinal hospital. it was next to the biggest hospital I've ever been in, it had it's own grocery shop! the doctor has me lined up for an MRI just in case I have the world's least obvious case of Crohn's and some more hydrogen breath tests in order to get more information on the bacterial overgrowth. it's highly unlikely I actually have Crohn's but I'm scared anyway because it would be so awful if I did.

* Ocado got these delicious coconut milk ice lollies in and they're delicious. I said delicious twice but they are.

* PHILAE WOKE UP!!! good job space friend. I was very sad when it landed in a hole but now it seems like that might actually have been a good thing in a way, because it was protected. space is a harsh place for a little probe!

* I got my first ever proper sunburn! I've never got one before because my skin tans very easily, but I guess it'd been weakened by the rash I had earlier this year, or just not enough sunlight? either way I got burnt. I'm going to be more careful now and wear sunscreen. I sound like I'm whining about this but honestly I actually feel quite chuffed, like I got to join a club.

* I'm so pumped for the animal crossing home designer game!!! I like to give the animals houses that match their personalities anyway and it always bugs me how they won't put things on tables and arrange things in a stupid way, but now I can make them all cute rooms! plus I will be able to have all the furniture from new leaf that I've been longing for (CAKE DISPLAYS)(I don't have new leaf because I am forever loyal to my wild world villagers). and I can be less frighteningly pale too!

* I want a wii u to play Yoshi's wooly world. I wanted one before but now it's a BURNING NEED. I'm gonna get the amiibo too even if I don't get the wii u because HE'S MADE OF YARN!!! YARN YOSHI!!!!!!

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