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( Sep. 15th, 2014 03:23 pm)
* in august I started a new medicine that made me ill. this is obviously the defining theme of 2014 for me. no one has ever got ill from it before so I am making medical history, yaaaaaaay. I stopped being so ill when I stopped taking it though so at least it did not permanent damage.

* I FINALLY heard back from the gender identity clinic that I contacted LAST NOVEMBER. they apologised for the delay but did not explain it. I'm on a waiting list now which is better than being in a void of nothingness like before.

* something cool that happened a while back but I didn't mention is that we got solar panels put on the roof. the water is always hot now and it is lovely.

* it bothers me how no one in tomodachi life has any goddamn ears.

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