Okay, either:
1. Some other me in a parallel reality has found out how to contact me through my computer OR
2. I have finally lost it completely OR
3. That last jump off the desk was too much for my speakers

Disembodied whispering voices and thumps? More disturbing than they sound.

Uh, I mean, hi, new people, I would say things are normally less crazy around here but that would be a lie.

Christmas has come and gone with only one ambulance visit (not me!) and two punch ups (only one of them me!). I got books that I wanted and the walking with dinosaurs boxset on DVD and an awesome shirt, but most importantly I got a new tablet :DDDDDDDDDD It came with painter 3 essentials which I messed around with and, okay, WHAT IS THIS THING. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. HELP. This is like the paint program version of an old DOS point and click adventure you lost the manual too.

Not long till new yeeeaaaarr~ Gotta work on new year's presents. My christmas present offer still stands, if you've changed your mind about it! FREE STUFF IS ALWAYS GOOD unless it's broken leg or something, that's not good.


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