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Rax ([personal profile] pyrrhocorax) wrote2009-01-15 01:04 am

you're asleep when I get home

So that list eh.

*Teadragon imp picture
*Cial starpirate picture
* on that note, find an old cookie cutter screw that, I'll just use a knife and a template. I made the first batch but they turned out too sloppy and lost their shape so I'ma do another lot. GUYS, YOU WILL GET BISCUITS. SOMEDAY.
*Kali picture
*find goddamn Vesna ref
*do better Vesna ref once I've found the old one so I know how her stupid arm things go
*finish example icons for hopeful moneeeyzzz
*finish star wars character refs
*Vesna pic 1
*Vesna pic 2 (screw you vesna)
*Em fanart
*Metrazol pic
*Marisuu pic
*blue lantern furret
*nekkid Soshika pic for Kilo
*shaymin pic
*pokemon art meme
*sims 2 cc stuff
*scan older stuff in and finally send it to the people it was for etc.
*DO NOT start anything new I mean it this time no seriously don't
*errrr, peacock dragon
*and deryckak's christmas present

...yeah. Sorry, people who are waiting for stuff, things have been sucking like a black hole around here recently. I came down with another snot bug. Mum is really not well and I'm the only one who seems to notice when she's going into a down phase. I dunno, either I'm an empath or these people have skin like rhinos. And by these people I mean my father. My new doctor went on holiday for two weeks, and then when she came back she was ill, so I'm just flopping about like an old dishcloth and being pathetically grateful for all the music people have uploaded, particularly Deryckak <3

Someone should start a sabrous rp on tegaki. That would be awesome. The rps on tegaki at the moment are either dressing room style things (bleh) or SUPA ELITE (help). Plus it would be advertising. And stuff. I'M ILL, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.

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Sorry you're not feeling good; hope you feel better soon. And doctors, blargh!

Where are people uploading said music, so that I might possibly infect you at dialup speed with weird music?

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Yeah, I'm feeling much better now, thanks. It'd better hurry up and be summer so I can stop catching bugs the whole time |<

Music uploads...well, there's,, and for a start. I'm not sure which it best, though most people seem to use sendspace. I look forwards to weird music :o

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*faints seeing huge list* AND I THOUGHT I WAS BUSY

Take all the time you need before working on that stuff. Your health is more important. I recently came down with a cold, so I sympathize. Hope you and your mom recover soon. Oh, and it feels good to know the music lifted your spirits. :)

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WELL I'm not really busy so much as nonproductive :B

Thanks, I feel a lot better now I'm over the virus. Music wise, I discovered some of my christmas music was corrupted by this stupid computer. Is there any chance that you could zip up the animal crossing and hyadain stuff and resend it? I'm really sorry for the nuisance.

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No nuisance; I love sharing and listening and anything to do with music BAHAHA. BUT my old computer also had trouble recently with spyware, and the folder that contained the AC OST was accidentally erased when I attempted to fix things. :( I haven't been able to redownload it (gotta wait till the user that has it signs on to Soulseek), but as soon as I do, I'll send everything your way.


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Thank youuuuuu dude, and sorry about the spyware, that sucks :